StarMines II - The Planet of Mines

See a cool video review of the game on the Ancient DOS Games review site.

If you wish to run StarMines II on the latest Windows, Linux or even MacOS, please use the open source MS-DOS emulator DOSBox. It runs the StarMines II quite nicely even on a netbook class computer.

February, 2002: It is now about ten years after the first release of the game. I have received well over 300 postcards and letters regarding StarMines 2. There have been cards from Europe, Northern and Sourthern America, Asia, Australia and Africa, the only missing continent being the Antarctica (somebody down there could send me a card:-) The old postal address in the game still reaches me, and the latest letter came last month.

The mission

You start with your small scout ship at the level 1 of the Planet of Mines. You can advance levels by flying through transportals.

Try to collect as many Bonusoids as possible while avoiding or shooting the alien objects.

Luckily, you have unlimited fuel and ammunition supplies. You can shoot everything, but perhaps you should not...

System requirements

At least a fast 286 system with 300 kBytes free RAM and a register compatible VGA card. A Sound Blaster compatible sound card is recommended for the sound effects.

The program uses an undocumented 256 color mode (resolution 320x240) and split-screen display. If it does not work with your VGA card, please let me know.

Some screen shots

Download the StarMines II

StarMines II is Copyright (C) 1992-1993 by Jari Karjala

This program is distributed as CardWare. This means that you can give unmodified copies to your friends (and fiends), but I want to see how widely the game is played. Therefore: if you like the game, send me a postcard (a local view would be nice). If you cannot afford the postage, an e-mail message is better than nothing.