It seems that your browser does not support Java applets. Unfortunately this means that you cannot play StarMines for Java.

However, you can play StarMines: The Next Generation instead
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Controls: z: rotate left, x: rotate right, ,: shoot missile, m: thrusters, n: slow down, p: pause, q: quit.    Some tips below:

A brief technical overview for the more technically oriented audience.

StarMines runs best with a 133MHz or faster CPU, a fast video card, a sound card and
a Java VM with a good just-in-time compiler and an incremental garbage collector.

Internet Explorer 3.02/4.01 with MS VM v3.1 is the best Java VM in Windows95/98/NT right now (year 2000).
IBM's Java VM is actually faster, but it isn't integrated to browsers so well.
JavaSoft's JDK 1.1.5 seems to be quite good on Solaris (and not bad on NT either).
Netscape Navigator and Communicator have problems in producing smooth animation.

StarMines for Java is Copyright 1998-1999 Jari Karjala []

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